Cream Cocoa Brownies

Cream Cocoa Brownies

 Baking Equipment Needed/ Reccomended

8x8 Baking Tray, Big Spoon, 1 Bowl, A whisk and a towel to clean up the mess :)

1. 1/2 cup of premium Ecuadorian cocoa.
2. 1/2 cup of butter (1 stick)
3. 1/2 cup of flour
4. 1 &1/8 cup of granulated sugar
5. 2 tsp of vanilla extract
6. 2 eggs
7. 1 tbsp of oil of choice

Baking instructions:
Preheat oven to 350
Melt Butter for 1:20 Seconds. (Make sure to use a bigger bowl for this, we will be adding all ingredients to this bowl for combination).

Pour measured sugar into melted butter.

whisk for 1:00 Minute. 

add in 2 Eggs and vanilla extract, whisk for 1 Minute.

SIFT in powder and Flour at the same time. DO NOT WHISK THIS BATTER !!! Instead, grab a big spoon and mix ( Allows the cocoa powder to properly mix! :))

Add in Tbsp of oil and mix with spoon until well combined & then Add in Chocolate Chips/ any add ins your heart desires!

Pour batter into your baking dish.

Put in oven for 20- 25 minutes / dip in a fork or dip stick and pull out when this is slightly covered in batter.  


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Help! I want to make your brownies tomorrow (2/12/24). Typically, I would butter the baking pan when making brownies but your recipe does not mention doing that? Do you prep your baking pan with butter or shortening?

Michele Saba

They are the best brownies I have ever made!

Margie Johnson

Going to try making these today. Looking forward to the video but found a short one on you tube that seems to show the basics of making brownies.

Carolyn K Merigan

These are the best brownies I have ever made! They are moist and chocolately. I have shared them and they were well received.

Linda L Littleton

Hello! We will be posting a video on us baking the brownies step by step this week! We want to make sure that you all get the best outcome possible!

yours Truly – Team Cream

Team Cream Cocoa

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